Avenida Pau Brasil Lote, 06, unit 1804, Ed. E-Business Aguas Claras
Brasilia, Distrito Federal 71916500 Brazil
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BRF Consulting is an official partner of dbt Labs and provides advanced services for Business Intelligence (BI), Data Engineering and Data Science. BRF Consulting has been delivering successful solutions since 2013; our engineers are based in Brazil, United States, Canada, Lisbon and Argentina. On the last years we built more than 10 projects with dbt and few other modern technologies. We are also partners of Snowflake Data Cloud, Salesforce, AWS, Red Pill Analytics, 2nd Watch, AICG and DataLakeHouse.io. More details about us on www.brfconsulting.com or https://www.linkedin.com/company/brfconsulting.