Sonbol Consulting AB

Bäcklösavägen 7
Uppsala, Uppsala lan 756 59 Sweden
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Sonbol is a data consulting powerhouse, specializing in the delivery of cutting-edge end-to-end data solutions. Leveraging modern SaaS tools such as Fivetran, cloud data warehouses, and advanced orchestration tools like Dagster, Sonbol brings a wealth of knowledge in AI, data science, and data engineering. With deep expertise in dbt, we are proficient in building robust data warehouses, streamlining analytics processes, and driving value from data. Sonbol has delivered solutions for both large corporations and small startups. Whether you're looking to implement dbt in your organization, or seeking consulting in analytics, Sonbol's extensive skill set positions it as a leading partner for your data needs. Reach out to Sonbol to unlock the potential of your data and drive your business forward.